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Custom Breyer Legionario "Realto's Fyre"
Breed/Gender: Grey Andalusian/PRE Stallion
Finish: CM (Customized) (unpainted)
Sculptor: Breyer
Finishwork: Danielle Vierkant / Angelica Nelson
Scale: Traditional


This fellow is one of my most beloved models. He started out as a pretty beat up and yellowed regular run Legionario III. He was sent off to be customized by Danielle Vierkant to help give him a new lease on life and sports a Halla head, new mane, a Wintersong tail, and a slightly altered regular stance. What you can't see from this angle is his very cute pink snipped nose. After he came back to me, I agonized for a couple years what color to put on him. Then I found the photo of a wonderful real dapple grey Andalusian that I felt would make him sparkle. Painted by Angelica Nelson, this fellow has been one of my favorite show horses from day one.

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