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Highlander Resin, "Avery's Image"
Breed/Gender: Black Highland Gelding
Finish: AE (Artist Edition / Artist Resin)
Sculptor: Seunta
Finishwork: Claire Williams
Scale: Traditional


Produced by Seunta LLC in 2013, this is the Highlander resin that was inspired by the pony breeds of Scotland. He is long sold out. This fellow is special to me because he's a mirror image of my beloved first horse, er pony, Avery, who was a Shetland/Welsh Pony cross. He was 19 when I got him back in 1981 and he taught me a lot of things while I had him. I had always wanted to have a portrait of him but had never found the right mold, until this one came along. It represents him and his build to a "T". So here I present "Avery's Image", now a beloved staple among my collection.

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