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1990 Breyer Signing Party SR Gold Charm Secretariat, 4 sock
Breed/Gender: Decorator Thoroughbred Stallion
Finish: OFP (Original Finish Plastic)
Manufacturer: Breyer/Reeves International
Model #: 410435
Scale: Traditional


There were 3,500 of these models made overall in this run. Most were signed by Peter Stone, like this fellow. If you notice, this fellow is quite special as he's a rare 4-sock gold charm version. I first learned of these "mistakes" in the early 1990s, but had never seen one. It is unknown how many actually got out in circulation, but it is rumored to not be very many. I had just about given up trying to find one of these guys when this fellow popped up on Ebay. I couldn't get him paid for fast enough! He was a bit tarnished when I finally got him in hand, but he has since been 100% restored by Sue Kern and looks just like new! This is what he looks like after being restored! You can't tell he ever had anything done to him!

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