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"The Challenger"- Mesteo and Sombra
Finish: OFP (Original Finish Plastic)
Manufacturer: Breyer/Reeves International
Model #: 4811
Scale: Classic


Young Mesteno must meet the challenges of his peers to achieve dominance as the herd leader of Kiger Mustangs. He will do battle many times to maintain his status. Sombra is also a young strong stallion seeking status within the wild herd. By the time they are three years of age they will become "The Challengers" in persuit of their own band of mares. These challenges will be met by young and old, time and time again throughout their lives. Mesteno represents the most common dun color phase in the wild; while Sombra offers one of the rare color factors, the grulla (pronounced gruya), of the Kiger Mustangs. His slate grey coat casts many hues in the desert sun. The Kigers may come in red dun or claybank as depicted in "The Dawning". The dorsal stripe down their back , black tipped ears, and zebra striping on their legs set them apart from other mustangs. The Kigers are a distinct breed of American Mustang. Release Date: 1994-1997

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