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2020 Breyerfest Special Run, Glossy "Faugh-A-Ballagh"
Breed/Gender: Cremello/Perlino Gypsy Cob/Gypsy Vanner/Irish Tinker Stallion
Finish: OFP (Original Finish Plastic)
Manufacturer: Breyer/Reeves International
Model #: 711473
Scale: Traditional


At the 2020 Breyerfest, first time ever being virtual, a special option was offered for one of the store models. They already had a matte version of this model, a silver cremello pinto with blue eyes, but by special request, a glossy option was also offered. You had to preorder it and he would arrive later in the year. Affectionately known as "Cheesecake", there were 2,225 glossy models made. Each one stamped on the belly "Breyerfest 2020".

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