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2005 Connoisseur Series "Ace of Spades"
Breed/Gender: Decorator Morgan Stallion
Finish: OFP (Original Finish Plastic)
Manufacturer: Breyer/Reeves International
Model #: 90133
Scale: Traditional


Part of a 4-horse series in 2005 in the Connoisseur line. This particular special run is the Joker's Wild and there are four variations which included: a Jack of Clubs, King of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, and Ace of Spades (above) on the Sherman Morgan mold. For two lucky people, a Joker was thrown in the mix as a surprise. In total there are 400 models in this series, with 100 of each suit made, plus the two Joker models. Each model has a snip on their nose in the shape of their "suit".

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