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2018 Tractor Supply Co SR "Jasper"
Breed/Gender: Bay Mustang, Spanish Stallion
Finish: OFP (Original Finish Plastic)
Manufacturer: Breyer/Reeves International
Model #: 301160
Scale: Traditional


It's been hit or miss with this mold for me since its inception. I went through a lot of this model at the various TSC's around me and couldn't come to a conclusion on whether or not I'd get him. But in one of the stores, I came across this fellow...a RICHLY shaded red bay in deep semi-gloss and nary a flaw that I could find. He has some of the best shading and detail I've ever seen on a bay Breyer. I kept coming back to him because I couldn't stop looking at him. Eventually I decided he would join my collection. This angle is my favorite of the photos I took of of him because it shows how well his markings contrast with his coloring and still shows off how brilliantly close to full glossy he is. Of all the others I saw on this mold, this fellow far and away stood out.

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